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  • Ho‘ōpio Girls Sandals

    Ho‘ōpio Girls (ho-oh-pee-oh) Translation: To Act Young From a sunrise walk with mom to the Makapu‘u Lighthouse, to a beach day with dad at Kailua…

  • ‘Ohana Koa Girls Sandals

    ‘Ohana Koa Girls Sandals (oh-hah-nah koh-ah) Translation: Family, brave It‘s hard to keep your beach girl out of the water. But when it‘s finally time…

  • Kūlapa Kai Girls Sandals

    Kūlapa Kai Girls Sandals (koo-lah-pa kah-ee) Translation: To Frolic in the Ocean Take a look out to sea in Hawai‘i and it’s pretty apparent that…

  • Pehuea Girls Shoes

    Pehuea Girls Shoes (peh-hoo-eh-ah) Translation: A rising wind Often during summer, the languid, pehuea breeze from the south brings with it warm air and a relaxed vibe.…